Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Callie's first day to EAT!!!

Today was a first for Callie! So far in speech therapy (ST~from now on; also PT~physical therapy OT~occupational) has gotten to chew frozen lemon swabs, goldfish crackers in guaze, ICE~sometimes with SOUR spray on it & Gummy worms in guaze. She has only been allowed to swallow from the ice & swabs. Today was the first time for her to be allowed to take food into her mouth & swallow~Lemon Yoplait Yogurt~ YUM! She got down about 5-6 bites before it was time to go to PT-OT. She did several things today that she has not done before & she did some things better than she has been able to before. Bishop Van Winkle stopped in for a visit & was able to watch Callie during ST & PT~OT. It is always great to have visitors! Because it'so late, I'll just put some pictures & let them do the talking!
(the last pic is with OT Amy:)

Nyt Nyt & love & thanks to ALL!!! Dana & Cal
Oh!!! Also, we got MOvEd AgAIN!!!

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  1. It's always so fun to get an update and see how fast Callie is progressing! You're doing a great job keeping us updated--NO ONE can do it better than you guys at ground zero! The pictures truly are worth a thousand years! We're still praying for a full recovery.

    Love to all--we can't wait till you can all come home!
    Aunt Mary


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