Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Tricks!

While Callie has cast her cute little pigtails for the day, she has picked up a few new tricks to continue to amaze us all. We were playing pat-a-cake. When we were done, I just held her hands together & she interlocked them like in the picture. She can do it just about any time! I was so impressed.
Later she was woke up by the IV team, who was called in to get her "_ _ _ _ _" (red stuff, she tends to be a hard stick)
After they were done, she was awake, so she decided to have fun with this funny purple guy given to her by a special friend.
You can tell by the picture that she was swinging it wildly!!! She has alot of fun with her rubbery friends! During the entire play, she was peeking out her "wide open slits"!!! Every day it is such a joy to see the big & little progress that Callie makes! Love & Gratitude to ALL, The Butler's

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  1. I have a feeling we will be coming for our Callie waking up celebration soon! She is AWESOME! I love to see how she just gets better and does new things each day. Yay, Callie!
    Love-Auntie Faun


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