Sunday, October 5, 2008

Awesome Sunday

Today was such a nice day! We really have enjoyed it being General Conference weekend. It all just seems so timely. I loved Elder Eyering's talk today & of course Elder Hales. So inspiring. I hope you all could see the "unity" E. Eyering talked about is what we see happening with the ENORMOUS EXPANSIVE outpouring of LOVE & Compassion at this time! It is awe inspiring to see. Thank you all so much. Even the comments (that I don't know how to respond to) make such a difference! I know we are truly ONE big family & I feel it so much across the lines of .relation, religion or region! We TRULY are ONE!!!
We really missed the kids this weekend & can't wait until they can come down again!!! We love you all! Know that Dad, Mom & Callie are missing each of you & hope to see you all soon!
We have had many wonderful visits this weekend! One set of visitors, was a special family from home, the McKneille's (Wade & Kim ~ I probably messed up the last name spelling ~ the little girl with Cal is Emma's friend Paige) Kim has been fighting to beat cancer since last school year & is nearing the end of her treatment. She is so inspiring & has looked so beautiful through it all! It is so tender to me that they would come see us! They let us know that their son, as well as Debbie Finch's boy, just received their mission calls. That is so wonderful!
We had many other family members come to visit, very special visits! (Callie even woke up for them!)
Aunt Kelli & Aunt Kim sat with Callie on Thursday night so that Jeff & I & cousin Erika Dalton could go up to support Marcus at his football game in Payson. It was so cute, Kelli said to me on the phone, "Callie loves to clap for herself, doesn't she!", I was so suprised! I said, "you mean she CLAPPED!"
It is so exciting to see Callie's progress from day to day & moment to moment!
We Thank Our Father in Heaven for all of you & for the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, that gives us hope & increases our Faith that Callie can be restored to her active little self!

Our hearts are so full of Gratitude & also with love for ALL! Thank you & May each of you be blessed without measure!!! Jeff, Dana & Callie


  1. Aunt Dana,
    Me and the family have been following yours, Ashley's and Mary's posts. You guys all do such an awesome job at sharing updates on adorable little Callie. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and have been keeping Callie, you, and the rest of the family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope sometime I will be able to actually make it down to the hospital to see her and you. I'm so glad to hear all the progress she is making and to see all the sweet pictures. Love always, Celesta

  2. It really was an awesome sunday! Give Callie kisses from us! We love you guys!


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