Thursday, January 31, 2008

State Champions Ring

Congratulations Marcus!!!
Tonight was the Football Banquet & Awards ceremony!
It was an exciting time to relive this years awesome football season & honor the team & supporters! It gets us looking forward to next year & the next!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check out my new "Travel" blogspot

I started a blogspot for our new "Online Travel" business! It something we enjoy doing & look to be building a substantial income from it as well as be able to fulfill our travel dreams & YOURS!

I forgot ME!

I have been really enjoying learning a little more about travel! SO fun!!
This month Jeff & I were invited to an Italian Dinner/Seminar, put on by the Italian tourism board. It was very interesting & alot of fun! I'm looking forward to some crochet projects for all the 2008 grand babies!
I wish I could fit more into my days! Sometimes I even try to squeeze into my nights! I have the GREATEST family & I LOVE them ALL SOOOOO Much!!! Imediate & extended! I have the greatest friends too & love them as well!

Updating at long last!

I've had several people tell me that I'm far overdue updating my blog! I guess next year is too long, so here I am!

There is so much to tell since I last posted, so I will try to do a Reader's Digest run through. (I think I'm catching the vision of not waiting a year between posts!)

Most of you know, Justin (Alan) was married Sept. 8, 2007 to Alisha Alane (cute!) with her sweet little girl Rhionna Dena' (Tonelli). Then, just a few short weeks after they were married, Rhionna left this world & now waits for us in another, breaking all our hearts! Many of you still ask about the kids & I know that you still keep them in your prayers & I thank you for this! They live here in Show Low in a new 2 BR apt. Justin is still doing cabinets & Alisha has begun a new venture demonstrating cookware for Salad Master. She does a great job if anyone wants to host a dinner party for her!

The biggest news since my last post, is that our family is growing by three this year!!! All the married kids are expecting new babies within 6 weeks of each other! We are so excited & anxiously await the new arrivals! So far we know that Jamison & Monica will be having a little boy around May 24! Ashley & Alisha will be finding out soon! Can't wait to know & can't wait to meet them!!! It will almost be like triplets for us! We can't wait to see what our precious little man Gage thinks of it all!

Marcus played JV football this year as an offensive guard & various defensive line positions. The Varsity team went on to State. The JV team was able to be a part of the State Playoffs & were able to take State in the 3A division. Suprising to us all, I think I only missed one away game (with Chinle) all season! Very exciting!

Another bit of excitement, is that towards the end of 2007, we bought an online travel store we call Butler's One Stop Travel Shop check it out at We meet or beat the competitors 96% of the time & we have much more available on our site, like flowers, sporting & attraction tickets, golf, cars, spa treatments, weddings etc.! Check us out for all your travel needs & more!

Burke was ordained a deacon in December & enjoys fulfilling his priesthood duties. Emma, Haley, Hayden & Brinley are enjoying school & their friends. This year ewe have one in each of the following grades. K, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th. It's hard to believe it, but Amber will be graduating this year! She has been working at Arby's for several months now & seems to enjoy it.

Elsie is playing on the 8th grade Basketball team & really enjoying it! She is getting more & more playing time, which she also likes.

Callie turned 1 this month & is walking all about & jabbering all the while. Her entire vocabulary consists of Hi Da Da, Ma ma ma ma ma & Oo oo! Not much else that we can make out!

Micah moved in with Justin & Alisha in their extra room. They hardly even knows he's around! He has been working at Black Diamond Auto Glass, installing windshields & tint. He just bought a new car this month & is thinking of a new job maybe! (gotta make that car payment!)

Jeff makes it home as often as he can & tries to be here for all the important stuff. We hope to have him home before the year is up!

We enjoyed the holidays & hope that you all did as well! We love everyone we know, so I feel safe in telling you that we LOVE YOU & hope that you are all doing well!!!