Monday, October 6, 2008

Callie Evaluation Day!

Callie is making so much progress every day. The Entire Neurological Rehabilitation Team that is working with Callie, will make "Rounds" on Callie tomorrow (morning to noon about). Rounds~ is when they all meet together & evaluate where Callie is at & whether or not they will continue to work with her. As much as it would be nice to be at home, I hope that they keep her. She makes so much progress everyday with 6+ hours of therapy everyday!!! It will be good to be home when we get there, but I think any time spent here, will pay off big time in the years to come. So, ironically, we hope they say we will stay!
All our Love & Thanks,
Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family


  1. I KNOW it'll pay off! Let's hope you GET TO stay!!~XOXOXOXO

    Love you guys!

  2. I hope you guys get to stay!! It will be sooo good for Callie!

    Btw- We posted at the same time Sat.! I went to check the post and saw double!! (I used your same title) So I erased mine, yours had MUCH mor info in it!! Oh, and we love having Brinley over to play, all three girls play so cute together!! We love you guys!!!

  3. I think they'll keep you, she is SO CUTE, who wouldn't want to work with her on a daily basis:)! I really hope she GETS to stay so she can get as much therapy as she can!

  4. Everything is looking so good. When I check your blogspace every morning I can just feel Callie's recovery in progress. I Will include her little friend (another beautiful little girl!)in my prayers. I, too, hope you can stay where she is getting such intensive therapy. But if and when you get home, I can come do what I'm told/trained to do to help you out with continued therapy.
    Dana, call me (532-7597) when you have a minute to talk. I'm so reluctant to bother you. But would love to visit with you. Call me and I'll call you right back so you don't have to use time on your phone. (I can call the room, right?) I know you have so many people, things on your mind. But, when you do need to talk/want to talk, I'd love to hear your up-beat voice!
    Love to all.....

  5. Hi Dana,
    It is so wonderful to hear of Callie's amazing progress. Hope today goes great! I miss you!!!
    lots of love, beth


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