Monday, October 6, 2008

Please Pray for our Little Friend!

After Callie's last therapy, which she did so good at! We went to look for our little friend to visit with. We didn't see her anywhere, so we went up to her room to see if she had gone home. (her birthday is Thursday & they were hoping she could go home for her birthday) When we got up to her room, both her Mom & her Dad were with her. They told us that she had a procedure done today to put a tube in her chest to drain excess fluid. She looked very pale & she had an oxygen mask on. When she saw us, she said, "Dad, I wanna go walk". Her Dad told her, "Not today!", which made her start to cry.
Please pray for our sweet little friend! We know we continue to be blessed by your prayers!

Thank You!!!
Jeff, Dana & Callie


  1. We will also keep this little sweetie in our prayers.

  2. That makes me so sad. I hope she gets back up and at'em.


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