Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Night Drip!

The last couple of days, Callie has been able to have her feed tube out & just have it back in at night for a "night drip". Callie has been eating so well, that the nurse tonight let her got without it! WOO HOO!!! Callie fell asleep without it & will wake up without it in the morning! I am so happy for her! Well, I am going to bed. Just had to share!


  1. Yay Callie! I bet that was so nice! Give her a big hi 5 for me! And that is so cool that she screamed! ha ha I am so amazed at all of her progress. wow.

  2. I am so excited about Callie's progress. I know how the little things can be so BIG! It was good to see her and you. You are such a strength to so many people.
    Stephanie Larson


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