Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Weekend

Lots of thanks to cousin Erika for staying with Callie on Thursday and Friday morning so Dana could get home for the first time in a month. She was able to spend time with the Kids and make a visit to her Dad and Grandma, and made it to Marcus' football game. Callie and Erika have a special bond and Callie let us know it would be okay to hang with her for awhile.

Today was Callie's first day to eat real food for all of her meals instead of using the NG tube. Of course it was all in puree form but for dinner she ate chicken tenders, tater tots, peas, carrots, chocolate pudding and grape juice. She really did enjoy it all, yummmm. She was even able to take her medicine orally by mixing it with the grape juice, this was a huge accomplishment for little Cal (all her liquids are thickened for now).

We started this post last night & tried to attach a video from Wednesday afternoon. We both fell asleep in the attempt. We will try again today when Jeff gets in (from sleeping with the girls). I brought Emma, Haley, Hayden & Brinley down with me. We asked them if they want to stay in the Ronald McDonald house or in Dad's truck (which is in the parking lot of the Ronald McDonald house, next to the hospital). They enthusiastically & unanimously chose the truck!

The girls & I got to the hospital just in time for her afternoon therapy! She was so excited to show off for the girls, that first thing one of the therapists got her, she pulled up to standing & threw her little leg out in front of her as if she would walk!

We will still put on the video (if we can get it figured out) for it's comic value, but I am so happy to let you all know, that Callie can SIT UP with out any help or support!!! Just 3 days ago, her first attempt to sit without support was wobbly & only lasted a few seconds! She can also catch herself & get back up when she tips over!

It should be a fun weekend! Most of the kids will be able to be here through Monday! Yeah!


  1. I loved getting this picture from Micah! It's got to be the cutest half smile ever! Wish we were there with all of you. Give Callie kisses for us! Love, M,A,G&G

  2. I'm over at Meg's and me,Meg,and Bonny are looking at the blog and freaking out over little Callie! What made her smile? I can't believe that big beautiful smile! And she's sitting up!Callie rocks! We love you all and love the updates! Sister Faun

  3. She was being tickled by Amber & loving it!

  4. That is so precious! I love that little smile. I love seeing her imropving so much! People ask about her and you daily and send their love! (Too many for me to keep track of!) We all love you guys, too!
    Love The Fullertons

  5. Griffin saw this picture of Callie and said"mommy Callie isn't sick anymore!!!" It's so amazing how kids can pick up on things. He loved seeing this pic of Callie


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