Monday, October 27, 2008

We begin week 8!

Over the weekend, the Opthamologist came in to see Callie. He is talking about doing surgery to "tack up" her eyelids. It is a reversible surgery & will not interfere with her getting back any functions.
When surgery was mentioned the first week we were in Rehab, I was against it for then, I wanted to wait & see. After watching her in therapy with her eyes open with tape & with as much as she is able to open them, there is a huge difference in her progress. For that reason & the fact that it is reversible & will not interfere with her regaining functions, I feel like doing the surgery now, will be best for Callie.
In order for the Dr. to be able to do both eyes, her left eye needs to heal a little better. I really want him to be able to do both of her eyes.
Alot of the kids had come down during the week, so none came this weekend. With this weekend being Halloween (& also Jeff's birthday~he was born 30 mins. after Halloween) we'll see who is able to come down.
In quiet moments, I sit & reflect on the many, many kind acts of service that have been done for our family. It moves me to tears & makes my heart glad.
Thank you so much!!!
Dana, Callie & family

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