Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Evaluation Day!

Today was the much anticipated day for the evaluation on Callie's rehabilitation progress. Callie's entire team of approximately nearly 20 people were present to give their reports and opinions on her progress. Dr. Kaplan, the head neurologist over rehab first asked about the ability of her eyes to function. We were glad to report along with the rest of her team that she has been able to hold her eyes open most of the time (her right eye wider than a slit) she is awake and manages to lift her right eye lid from time to time. Dr. Kaplan then went around the room to the physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapist (also teaches how to eat & swallow), music therapist and recreational therapist for their reports. We are very happy to announce that all reports were very favorable and given by each therapist with much enthusiasm and joy. The recreational therapist was in near tears when she was talking about Callie and the remarkable things she is doing (I will admit she is pregnant). After all the reports were in Dr. Kaplan said he would take everyone's word for it and keep her going in the rehab program. He is initiating a discharge plan for now so when the time comes to go home everything will be quick and in place for continual rehabilitation in Show Low.
We are so grateful for the faith and prayers, by all, on Callie's behalf and likewise for the professionals here who are so dedicated to Callie and all the children here. Also, continual gratitude for your continued interest in Callie's well being as well as the rest of us!
Lots of Love to ALL,
Jeff, Dana and Callie


  1. Oh my gosh,Dana! Check her out! She looks awesome! I got chills as I was reading about all the progress her team was reporting. She is an amazing little girl. I know once she's home with her whole family she'll continue to amaze us even more. We love you all so much.

  2. YEAH for Callie. I have just admired her STRONG little spirit!
    I can't wait until the day you bring her home. {HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.}
    Dana I just wanted you to know how much you have touch my heart, and strengthend my testimony. Your STRENGTH and FAITH is so inspiring. I look back at how I handled losing Zoe and just wish I could of had and wish I STILL could see it thru your perspective. Your outlook on such a tramatic trial is unbelievable. You are an amazing women with SOO much to teach us all. Thanks for letting me be a part in your families trial, because I TRUELY belief I have been strengthend by your sweet spirit.
    EVERY night Jade insists on saying the prayer because she LOVES to pray for baby Callie, "that she will be healed and get to come home soon." I NOW understand the power of prayer and how everybody knocking on Heavens door{outside looking in} and begging and pleading for Callie safety, how strong we "ALL" are when we stick together and help eachother through their difficult times and tragic trials. So thanks you Dana I LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you ALL soon!

  3. I'm so glad things are working out so well for callie. I check your blog everyday to see her progress and it makes me smile to know everything is looking up for little callie.I wish I could come visit. I only met her once when she was just itty bitty it's miraculous how she has pulled through these obstacles in her life. surviving being a newborn now this. She has such great strength. It shows that she is here for a reason and heavenly father is looking out for her. love sara


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