Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorry for the picture shortage. . .

. . . we are still trying to get the memory managed.
WOW! Callie is progressing so fast, that each session of therapy, she does more than the time before. She is staying awake more & initiating more play.
We saw our little friend after Callie's last therapy today. They are really hoping that they can go home soon.

Tomorrow they will be taping Callie during her morning OT. One of the therapists (actually, the one in charge) made a special request for Callie's Apple Bottoms outfit that Amber got for her.We'll see how that goes. Callie has been asserting her own will more frequently these days & she's really

tuning up the pipes for that 'high C'.

Callie will be evaluated for a chair all her own to go home in, 5 days from now. Also, people are working on lining up therapy for Callie when she is able to go home.

Callie has been initiating one foot in front of the other when she is held in a standing position, but tires quickly.

In music therapy today, Callie held an egg shaker in one hand & a chime in the other & shook one to the music when asked & then both when asked.

One of her therapists stopped in our room to have me sign a paper & Callie sat up when she heard she was there so she could see her. She also waves more frequently at her therapists when we part ways with them.

Well, I need to go! We need to wash the outfit for her big day tomorrow, get our showers & get things ready.

Lots of Love & Gratitude,

The Butler's


  1. Hey Dana - I'm not sure if you remember me but I've been following little Callie this whole time and praying everyday for her recovery.

    When you get back home call Jodi @ Northland Therapy Services - She's a friend of our family and works with kiddos like Callie all the time :)

  2. Yeah Callie! Sounds like you put on a great show for the Docs of all the new things your doing. You are the strongest person I have ever met. You inspire me every day. I will come and visit you next monday when I come into work.

    Love ya,


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