Saturday, October 4, 2008

'Look Ma' No Feed Tube!!!

Last night Callie pulled her feed tube out 5 times!!! They even taped long socks on her to keep her from it & she managed to have those off almost as soon as they walked out the door!
We are nearing the end of her 4th week at Phoenix Children's Hospital.
As I look back at all the has transpired, I am in awe of the rapid progress that she has made!
I know that with the continued help of God, good therapists & all of YOU, that Callie's progress will continue.
I apologize for the posting draught (my sisters let me know they were having withdrawls :) silly Aunties)! I forgot to charge my phone the night before last so I didn't have my phone with me during therapy sessions.
Tuesday will be evaluation day for Callie. We're anxious to see how that all goes!
We invite any that would like to join us in fasting for Callie. Our specific focus is for the nerve that controls the muscles on the left side of the face as well as the part of the brain stem that controls the eyes.
We love & appreciate all of you & your continues support of our family!
May the Lord pour out His rich blessings upon each of you individually & intimately as only He can is our prayer for you.
All our Love,
Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

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