Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1 Year Old Inserts Own NG tube, Film at 11:00

OK, we had to tell the funny tale. As most of you know, Callie has gotten quite proficient at pulling out her feed tube. I ask her all the time, "please don't". When we were eating dinner tonight, she was trying to sneak a quick grab while we were preoccupied with our food. I saw her just as she hooked it! I said, "Ah, Ah, Ah Callie! Please don't!" Well, she had already gotten it out a good 3-4 inches, before I finished, so getting caught in the ACT, as quick as she pulled, she pushed! I laughed at her attempt, sure that it would not be successful! Had I not seen it out, I never would have believed it, but it DID go IN!!! Jeff & I, as you can guess, got quite a chuckle, which brought a lengthy grin to Callie's face!!!
Then just a few funny pictures of the day!
1-digging at tube, 2-Sitting on her own! 3-Letting it all hang out 4-Petting the bunny


  1. I love it--that's so Callie! Love you guys!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha {I'm cracking up!}

  3. My prayers have been with your family ever since the beginning. Callie is looking more like herself and that is very hopeful. The Lord is truly watching over her! Much love from us!

  4. Callie you are such a determined little girl. I would not want that tube in my nose either.I bet the pancakes,muffins and oatmeal tasted sooo yummy. You are making so many huge strides.

    love ya!!

  5. I do not know Callie, but just saw her in the hospital as I was visting a friend last night and was touched by the story, My heart and prayers goes out to your family.I prayed for her last night and will continue everyday.God gives us the strength and I know that you will keep the faith as God never fails us.God bless


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