Saturday, October 4, 2008

She's got Apples on her Shirt, Boots with the Fur!

Last week when the Aunties were here, one of them sang "She's got Apples on her Jeans, Boots with the Fur. . ." anyway, I've changed the song up a little for Callie. Sing along with it on our playlist if you like! I couldn't resist!! My creativity only got me the first few lines though.
Here goes, "She's got an apple on her shirt, boots with the fur, Her whole team is looking at her! She hit the floor (working hard on the "floor" in physical therapy) next thing you know, she's gonna Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, GO!!! :) Silly Mom!!!


  1. It's so funny what us mommies do for our babies! I love the remix its awesome! Gavin would shake his booty to the regular version and all his lil friends would too! It was the anthem! lol! Yeah I change all kinds of songs for the boys! Sexy Back=Diapy Back, and Smack That= Baba! And i just change up lil random songs here and there for them! They love it!

  2. Oh yah, I like that version! Whenever I hear that song now I think of my little Callie. But mine is..."her Aunt Faun was lookin at her!" We need to make a remix for Cal! You are an awesome woman,Dana. I feel privileged to be your sister. I Love you-Faun


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