Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good-Bye Kids!

Callie had so much fun with the kids this weekend! She always seems to make such big strides after the weekends.
She has a swallow test this morning, to see how well she manages her food & liquids. She also has evaluation at 11 am. So we should have some news to tell later today.
Callie actually took a few steps (being held up by the physical therapist).
Cousin Erika just gave Callie her own cell phone & Callie held it up & said "Hi Da"! That's all she used to say to Dad when she would talk to him on the phone!
Well, they are here to get her, Gotta go!!!

P.S. Those are real Apple Bottom Jeans that her sister Amber bought for her this weekend. (She 'got it at ROSS')

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