Sunday, October 19, 2008

We had such a great weekend! We're so grateful the kids could come! Amber & her friend Missy brought down all the younger group, except Marcus! He had a date for Homecoming this weekend. He & his date had a great time. They didn't win their football game dang it, but I heard it turned out to be a pretty good game anyway.

Callie thoroughly enjoyed the kids (as always)! There is so much to tell, but it is late so I'll let the randomly ordered pictures do most of my talking.

We will miss Emma's first band concert on Wednesday, so she put on her very first concert for us at PCH! It was wonderful!

Callie had lots of outdoor fun with the kids til she told us it was "hot" & so we all went inside & watched her & our little friend play ball until Callie grew tired of it & our 4 year old Brinley stepped in to have some fun with our little friend!

I've also included a cute picture ('Callie' Shopper) from Friday therapy & one from her first weekend therapy (mirror) & also one from last weekend I think is hilarious!!! Amber, Marcus, Burke & Callie crashed out in Callie's HUGE (just a hint of sarcasm :) room, while Jeff & I had our first (very short,but nice) date in about 2 months!

Oh yeah! I also included a picture of our little friend on her birthday that her Mom sent us! Please send lots of prayers & love for her & her family, now more than ever!!! Things are tough for them right now!

Lots of Love & Thanks to Everyone! We continue to be AMAZED at the power of Fasting, Faith & Prayers.

Also please include my Dad, his wife & family in your prayers. As many of you know, he has been dialysis dependent for about 5 years now & he was just recently diagnosed with bone cancer. He is in the hospital down here having some test run, but it isn't looking good.

May each of you & your loved ones be blessed as well, is our Prayer!

The Butler's

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