Friday, October 31, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess' Happy Halloween!

This is the most we have seen Callie open up her right eye! She was saying "Hi Dad!"
The kissing picture is Callie with the Dr. that treated her in the ER when she reached PCH (SO CUTE)!
He wished us a Happy Halloween! If he only knew how much "happier" of a day it is because of him & many others!
We had special visitors from home & we also posted a few pictures of our "hallway friends". Callie zooms on the walker (only she thinks she doesn't need it)! I did a little dress up with some "falsies" & a spooky spider ring.
Hope everyone had a very safe & Happy Halloween! Tomorrow we look forward to the kids coming (Jeff's sister Mary & kids will be bringing them down) & celebrating Jeff's b-day!
Love & Gratitude to ALL,
Jeff, Dana & Cal-Jayne-a-forna!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Surgery this weekend

The Opthamologist came by last night. He was pleased with how much Callie is getting the right eye open & the left eye hasn't healed enough yet to do surgery, so he will come look at her again in a day or so to see if it looks like we can do surgery next week.
So it's back to anybody's guess when she will be discharged from the hospital.
As for the pics, she kicked this ball all over the place.
In recreation therapy, she got to play in water, which she loved!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good News!

We aren't for sure, but we'll know more in the next day or so, but there's a good chance that Callie will be home by this time next week!!! Something we've been looking forward to for quite some time! I've been quite homesick the last little bit & trying to suck it up, not knowing how much longer it would be! The Opthamologist will be coming to see Callie tomorrow. He will let us know his plan for Callie's eyes. Depending on whether or not he does surgery on her eyes & what day he does, she may be able to come home a short time after that! As the reality of finally coming home sinks in with me, things are coming to mind that I would like to take care of before we leave. . . soooooo. . . if there is anyone down here that would like to come & spend time with Callie before we go (so I can get to things), please leave a comment & I will get in touch with you! Visits are welcome anytime.
We're very excited about the prospect, but we will miss all of our hospital friends (they seem like our family :) !!! They have been so good to us! This hospital has been an amazing place for Callie!!! There are many things we believe have been the reason(s) Callie is still with us. The same, there are many people that have been instrumental in Callie's progress. We are so grateful for ALL!
Again, Thank You Everyone for Everything!!!

Lots of Love,
Dana, Callie & Family

Special Reader!

This morning, someone from the playroom came in and invited Callie to come in to the playroom at 11:00 for a "special reader".
So we went & this is who it was, Big Red (Cardinals Mascot) & Jerheme Urban!!! Callie just wanted to kiss them the whole time!
She did get to get her lips on Big Red & Jerheme blew her a kiss back!
Fun! Fun!
The other little girl is one of Callie's hall friends (with her Mom).
We had gone upstairs to invite our other little friend, but she couldn't come down!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Sitters & Visits!

With the help of the nurses & Jeff's sister & a niece, Jeff & I were able to go out for a date Saturday night (compliments of a very generous cousin & her husband~much needed). Then Sunday morning, we were able to attend Sacrament meeting for the first time since the accident. We also stopped in for a quick visit to my Dad. Today will be the first of 10 days of radiation treatments he will be getting.
We continue weekly fasts for our little sweetie & include my Dad & our "little friend". We appreciate any of you that have joined us in this.
Prayer is Magnificent!!!
It is an odd life we live right now, but it is being WELL worth it. Jeff & I look at how things are currently & remember back not too long ago seeing the very real possibility of having had a funeral. We have been SO BLESSED!!!
I have attached a picture of our nephew & Cal on the slide & two of our weekend sitters.
Lots of Love,

We begin week 8!

Over the weekend, the Opthamologist came in to see Callie. He is talking about doing surgery to "tack up" her eyelids. It is a reversible surgery & will not interfere with her getting back any functions.
When surgery was mentioned the first week we were in Rehab, I was against it for then, I wanted to wait & see. After watching her in therapy with her eyes open with tape & with as much as she is able to open them, there is a huge difference in her progress. For that reason & the fact that it is reversible & will not interfere with her regaining functions, I feel like doing the surgery now, will be best for Callie.
In order for the Dr. to be able to do both eyes, her left eye needs to heal a little better. I really want him to be able to do both of her eyes.
Alot of the kids had come down during the week, so none came this weekend. With this weekend being Halloween (& also Jeff's birthday~he was born 30 mins. after Halloween) we'll see who is able to come down.
In quiet moments, I sit & reflect on the many, many kind acts of service that have been done for our family. It moves me to tears & makes my heart glad.
Thank you so much!!!
Dana, Callie & family

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today Callie did well, but I could tell that she was pretty pooped & could use a little break.

We had a couple of visitors, it was a nice suprise, even though they didn't stay long. Nana & Auntie Jona were by yesterday & today. They stayed for quite awhile. It was hard to say who enjoyed the visit more, Callie or them! They were so tickled & touched to see firsthand in REAL Life! just how much progress that Callie has made since they last saw her. There were tears & LOTS of Smiles!

I think today was one of my more emotional days. It seems I was on the verge of tears for most of it. Tears that just seemed to start out of nowhere. It kind of caught me by suprise. As I contemplated the reason for it, I realized that I was just brimming with gratitude & amazement at the power of prayer & the blessings I have witnessed from Our Father for Callie & others. (I also think I'm missing family & home!)

Callie was in Heaven in this picture. She was eating her first (of two) frozen go-gurts. She couldn't get enough! She just loves her therapists & they love her too.

She's been quite 'smoochy' these days & is always trying to kiss them. She is such a little sweetie!!!

For those of you that have been praying for our little friend, I want to give you an update on her. Since the last post I mentioned her in, she has had another procedure. It was very sudden & at first things weren't looking too good, but today she was smiling & doing pretty well & was even able to get out for a walk (inside the hospital of course). Many of you have met her when you have come to the hospital & know that she has a way of getting into your heart right from the start. Whenever I see her (& Callie), I know that God lives & that with Him, nothing is impossible!

May you all be blessed with the desires of your hearts!

Love, Prayers & Gratitude,


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want to sing & dance. . .

I left to go watch Marcus & Elsie perform with the choir at the State Fair, (which was very enjoyable!) and I got this picture from Jeff while I was gone! So Cute!
I'm starting to wonder if she is secretly punishing me for leaving her & saving Big things for when I'm gone! No, I'm just kidding, every session is like that for the most part. She does new things at almost every session!

Sister Time!

Yesterday, Ashley, Amber & Brinley came to see Callie. It was such a fun day! I loved seeing Callie & the girls interact. I was just having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures, but I do have this one of Ashley & Callie on the slide! So Cute!
Lots of Love & Gratitude to Everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Evaluation Day is here again!

We are sitting here waiting to be called into evaluation. We can already say, Callie is staying at least one more week. (Two of her therapist gave us the word yesterday.) She is in the middle of relearning to stand & walk, which she thinks she can do on her own, but she does need a little support or she does like "London Bridges " on us.

Her vocabulary increases daily! Today she said the name of one of her therapists & 'here it is' . Last night she said 'love you'.

Just got back from evaluation, Dr. Kaplan gave the official word, she's making good progress, we like her, she's staying!

I aplologize for getting behind on posting. She is so awake and busy, that I'm not able to find free moments like when she was sleepy.

I'll add a few pictures from yesterday & today. Some, she followed a great big dog named Milo up and down the hall & even got to mount him! She is willing to stay up on her feet more than twice as long as last week. She is just doing GREAT!

Love & Thanks to Everyone,

Jeff, Dana & Cal

Monday, October 20, 2008

This scripture says it just right!

Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered. Psalms 40:5
For ALL, we give thanks!
The Butler's

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I almost forgot!

Please check out our oldest daughter's blog at & make a comment. A business is donating $1 per comment to "Kisses for Callie" for every comment made before Oct. 19 at midnight! Oops! That is tonight!

She also is starting another raffle tomorrow, that you can check out then. It will run for just a couple of days, but you can read about it on her blog site by clicking on the link above!

Love & Much Thanks,
We had such a great weekend! We're so grateful the kids could come! Amber & her friend Missy brought down all the younger group, except Marcus! He had a date for Homecoming this weekend. He & his date had a great time. They didn't win their football game dang it, but I heard it turned out to be a pretty good game anyway.

Callie thoroughly enjoyed the kids (as always)! There is so much to tell, but it is late so I'll let the randomly ordered pictures do most of my talking.

We will miss Emma's first band concert on Wednesday, so she put on her very first concert for us at PCH! It was wonderful!

Callie had lots of outdoor fun with the kids til she told us it was "hot" & so we all went inside & watched her & our little friend play ball until Callie grew tired of it & our 4 year old Brinley stepped in to have some fun with our little friend!

I've also included a cute picture ('Callie' Shopper) from Friday therapy & one from her first weekend therapy (mirror) & also one from last weekend I think is hilarious!!! Amber, Marcus, Burke & Callie crashed out in Callie's HUGE (just a hint of sarcasm :) room, while Jeff & I had our first (very short,but nice) date in about 2 months!

Oh yeah! I also included a picture of our little friend on her birthday that her Mom sent us! Please send lots of prayers & love for her & her family, now more than ever!!! Things are tough for them right now!

Lots of Love & Thanks to Everyone! We continue to be AMAZED at the power of Fasting, Faith & Prayers.

Also please include my Dad, his wife & family in your prayers. As many of you know, he has been dialysis dependent for about 5 years now & he was just recently diagnosed with bone cancer. He is in the hospital down here having some test run, but it isn't looking good.

May each of you & your loved ones be blessed as well, is our Prayer!

The Butler's

Weekend Fun!