Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Evaluation~They are keeping her!

Well, today has been a big day so far. Callie had her swallow test & did VERY WELL. She had "minimal flashes" on ultra thin liquids & perfect on every thing else.
She had very good reports in evaluation from all her therapist. She also made a great impression on Dr. Kaplan, who is the Head of Neuro Rehab at Phoenix Children's Hospital. She played peek-a-boo, played with her cell phone, even held it up to her ear & waved good-bye to everyone! She also picked her nose~Dr. Kaplan told her, "get your fingers out of your nose & she did!!! (Everyone had a good chuckle)
When she played pee-a-boo, many of her team began to interact with her (where's Callie?). It was so cute! Dr. Kaplan, (very funny guy, as well as smart) said "Look at us now, we all look like a bunch of fools", again everyone got a good chuckle.
Her eye just needs to get better. She has been being a little bit better at keeping her fingers & thumb out.
Thank you ALL for EVERYTHING!
(Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these. . . Ye have done it unto Me.) God Bless us ALL ~ EVERYONE!!!


  1. Oh, that's so exciting!! Yay for you guys. I love the pic. with all of the kids, it made me cry!

  2. Dana & Callie

    It seems that you both are doing well. I bet it was good to come home even if just for the weekend. Congrats Callie that you are doing so well keep on going the differance is seen every day.

    Love The Reidhead's


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