Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today Callie did well, but I could tell that she was pretty pooped & could use a little break.

We had a couple of visitors, it was a nice suprise, even though they didn't stay long. Nana & Auntie Jona were by yesterday & today. They stayed for quite awhile. It was hard to say who enjoyed the visit more, Callie or them! They were so tickled & touched to see firsthand in REAL Life! just how much progress that Callie has made since they last saw her. There were tears & LOTS of Smiles!

I think today was one of my more emotional days. It seems I was on the verge of tears for most of it. Tears that just seemed to start out of nowhere. It kind of caught me by suprise. As I contemplated the reason for it, I realized that I was just brimming with gratitude & amazement at the power of prayer & the blessings I have witnessed from Our Father for Callie & others. (I also think I'm missing family & home!)

Callie was in Heaven in this picture. She was eating her first (of two) frozen go-gurts. She couldn't get enough! She just loves her therapists & they love her too.

She's been quite 'smoochy' these days & is always trying to kiss them. She is such a little sweetie!!!

For those of you that have been praying for our little friend, I want to give you an update on her. Since the last post I mentioned her in, she has had another procedure. It was very sudden & at first things weren't looking too good, but today she was smiling & doing pretty well & was even able to get out for a walk (inside the hospital of course). Many of you have met her when you have come to the hospital & know that she has a way of getting into your heart right from the start. Whenever I see her (& Callie), I know that God lives & that with Him, nothing is impossible!

May you all be blessed with the desires of your hearts!

Love, Prayers & Gratitude,



  1. hi dana, i got to see marcus and elsie at the dance tonight having fun. callie looks so cute singing! i am glad that so many good things are happening. i will be in the valley friday...hope to see you, beth



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