Friday, October 31, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess' Happy Halloween!

This is the most we have seen Callie open up her right eye! She was saying "Hi Dad!"
The kissing picture is Callie with the Dr. that treated her in the ER when she reached PCH (SO CUTE)!
He wished us a Happy Halloween! If he only knew how much "happier" of a day it is because of him & many others!
We had special visitors from home & we also posted a few pictures of our "hallway friends". Callie zooms on the walker (only she thinks she doesn't need it)! I did a little dress up with some "falsies" & a spooky spider ring.
Hope everyone had a very safe & Happy Halloween! Tomorrow we look forward to the kids coming (Jeff's sister Mary & kids will be bringing them down) & celebrating Jeff's b-day!
Love & Gratitude to ALL,
Jeff, Dana & Cal-Jayne-a-forna!!!


  1. Callie is a beautiful miracle princess! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  2. I am lovin the pictures! Give that girl a big fat squeeze and juicy kiss for us!

  3. Pretty Callie and foxy Mommy! She got it from her Mama!!!! Faun


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