Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Tricks!

While Callie has cast her cute little pigtails for the day, she has picked up a few new tricks to continue to amaze us all. We were playing pat-a-cake. When we were done, I just held her hands together & she interlocked them like in the picture. She can do it just about any time! I was so impressed.
Later she was woke up by the IV team, who was called in to get her "_ _ _ _ _" (red stuff, she tends to be a hard stick)
After they were done, she was awake, so she decided to have fun with this funny purple guy given to her by a special friend.
You can tell by the picture that she was swinging it wildly!!! She has alot of fun with her rubbery friends! During the entire play, she was peeking out her "wide open slits"!!! Every day it is such a joy to see the big & little progress that Callie makes! Love & Gratitude to ALL, The Butler's

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Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day of Week 4!

Today was a very busy day! They had a 'bed bug' outbreak in one of the rooms in the Rehab section, so as a precationary measure, they had all the rooms fumegated & disinfected. Once they had a room ready for us, they had us shower & put on hospital gowns. All our clothes & Callie's toys had to be bagged up & sent out to get cleaned before they can come back in. Donna Stock came at shower time & helped out with that & then helped us relocate to the room next door. Kelli (picture #3) came next & brought us some fabulous food & took our bags to clean. I have several pictures to post tonight! I just feel that they will be able to show Callie's progress today better than I can tell it. The first picture from 5am. I woke up & wanted to shift positions, so I reached under her to scoot her over (she nuzzles up close when I sleep with her) & found that she was wet with something thickish. I got everything I needed to change her diaper & bed, opened the bathroom door for enough light to see, but not wake our roomate. The first picture is what I saw! NO feed tube in the nose!!! Silly baby! It was no accident either. She had tried to pull it out all day yesterday & the night nurses said that every time they came in, they had to untangle the tube from her arm. The next picture is from yesterday when the Aunties were getting her to open her eyes! You can see her 'wide open slit' (as Daddy calls it). It made a difference, because she has had her eyes open to a slit (mainly the right eye) for at least half of her awake time! Good work Nana & Aunties! Then there are a few pictures from Speech therapy, where she is waving around a little elephant that vibrates to tickle her face. (am therapy~before shower & move) Then pictures of her squirming all over as she receives electro-stimulation to her left cheek. (afternoon therapy~post shower, notice the outfit change! & cute red bows thanks to Big Sister Ashley!) The last series of pictures are this evening after she pulled out her feed tube once again. I was out of the room heating up my dinner for no more than 5 minutes & she got it all the way out. I didn't mention that she got it half way out during speech today, which makes 3 times in a 12-14 hour period! The night nurse had me put it back in last night, so tonight it was no problem for me to get it back in, with nurse standing by to make sure I got it right! Anyway, back to the last pictures. The kids gave her this crazy duck ball, which she played with for nearly 30 minutes, which is quite a long time for 'Sleeping Beauty' to do any one thing. Notice the different positions of movement. She did this all by herself & the pictures span just a couple of minutes!
Oh! I forgot! During story time with one of the therapists, where she was REALLY feeling all the different textures of animals fur, she reached right up took her hair bow in hand & slid it right OUT!!! (the first time ever I wasn't disappointed when one of my girls took out their hair!)
I hope the pictures help you catch the excitement of her progress!
Thank you for all of your prayers & faith! For all the kindnesses & for caring about Callie & BELIEVING!!! All Our Love & Gratitude, Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Last Day of Week Three

As this Sunday winds to a close, I sit in awe! When I look at Callie today & remember back to Monday morning 3 wks ago I am AMAZED!!! Life has taken a totally different turn from the way I had life planned out! Life doesn't always go the way we plan! But I'm thankful for where we are despite it all, because I hate to say it, but it is true, that I felt like we would have had her funeral by now. That is so hard to say, but I really thought that is where things were headed.
Where we are today is such a blessing!
The day today began with Callie turning from her back over to her side to snuggle close to me! Such a great feeling!! The feeling of holding her for the first time was so wonderful & now I can hold her ANY time I like!!!
We had a very nice weekend with lots of visitors Dad, brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins, Nana & lots of Aunties (Auntie Faun ~pic above~ came all the way from Las Vegas for the second time) who got her to open her eyes a little more & crack a few smiles. She has said 'unh uh' a few times & has vocalized alot more.
We'll see what her therapy friends can get out of her this coming week. They already wear her out as it is, but they are going to try to stretch her out to two more sessions a day if she can tolerate it.
We look forward to the coming week with hopeful anticipation!
Thank you again for your thoughts, visits, PRAYERS, FAITH, FASTING & MANY, MANY acts of service for our whole family! Special thanks to our children & everyone who make it possible for me to be here at the hospital with Callie & also those who make our stay at the hospital so much more pleasant with the TLC of making sure we never get the opportunity to tire of hospital food!

My sister~in~law Mary, has really inspired me with her last two posts if anyone would like to take a look, click here. Also, I think most of you already follow Ashley's post OurHappyNest.blogspot.com who does a FABULOUS job of keeping everyone up on Callie's progress in such a tender & insightful way!!!
Dana, Callie & Family

Good Day!

Callie loved having the kids here this weekend. (It was good for all of us as well~ the kids have been wonderful through all of this!) She even tried to wave good-bye to them when they left to go home! She makes progress every day. Last night before she went out for the night, she even turned over to her side all by herself! We are just so grateful for every little bit of progress she makes. The Lord has been so good to us!!! We wait patiently on Him for Callie to be restored in every way, knowing that with Him NOTHING is impossible!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

LOL Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictureless Post but Worth the Read!

Last night I (Dana) left the hospital for the night (first time!) to stay the night with most of my sisters. I called Jeff this morning & he reported that he was tickling her on her ribs & Callie rolled over to get away from him & even let a little grunt like she was giggling, which we're so excited when we hear her make any audible sound from Callie!
Her sodium level has also been in a good range for the last several days & she was able to get the I.V. line out of her right hand! Yeah!!!
Just wanted to let you all know!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

LOL Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ahhh! They're Here!

I just had to put this sweet face on tonight! The kids had just come to the hospital & Amber took this picture. It's just such a pleasant little face!! I had to share. Nyt Nyt.

Weekend Visitors Starting Early!

This morning kicked off Callie's weekend visitors! Matt & Ashley brought the little men for a visit before Callie's therapy. It was so good to see them. Callie even had a bed buddy for a little while.
Then we got a visit from one of the ER nurses that took care of Callie when she first came, just before her surgery. She comes by every couple of days to check on Callie & gets teary to see how much better Callie is doing each time. She has a little boy Griffin that prays for Callie every day. There are so many praying for Callie everywhere, in fact, we got a new roomate last night. The Mom of the little girl overheard me talking this morning & asked me if I have a sister named Mandi. Anyway, she is my sisters neighbor, Mandi had told her about Callie & they had been praying for her. So interesting that we ended up roomates. One of the pictures is Maile by Callie's bed (where Callie is sleeping in her favorite fashion, hanging out!)
Several weeks ago, Nana had planned a weekend for all of us girls to get together, so we have Nana & some of the Aunties for the weekend! YeAH! Also, the kids & Dad are on their way!
Tons of fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oops! I forgot the Picture! :)

Top it ALL Off! TiGeR!!!

As if Callie wasn't already having a GREAT DAY!!! Along came a special visitor named TIGER! WOW~

Holding Her Own

Yes! Take a better look! It's not your imagination! She is looking a bit 'beefier' these days! Notice I am only holding her around her middle!!!

The difference 2 weeks makes!

The top two are 2 weeks & 1 week away!
The bottom 2 are her crashed out today!

Crashed out in Callie-Style!

Callie has been so determined today & has worked so hard! She's getting a much deserved nap! As most of you have heard, YES! It is TRUE!!! Callie has opened her eyes ( mostly her right) a little more than a slit about 6 times so far & has tried more!
In therapy she tried to push up, tried to roll over, held open her left eye for a few seconds after they opened it for her. She has been holding up her head kind of like when a new baby is beginning to hold their head a little bobbly! (second picture, I'm holding around her middle)
In speech therapy she chewed & swallowed ICE! She also found her nose with her left hand & focused with all her might to try to pick her nose! (Yes, you guessed it! She is still working at that booger)
So many things she has done today & it isn't even noon yet. She still has 1 more physical therapy session & 1 speech therapy session this afternoon!
She is such an AMAZING little human being!
We are SO VERY GRATEFUL to you ALL for helping us call down these miracles from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob! We have been & continue to be SO blessed.
God has poured out His Choice Blessings upon us through ALL of YOU, an extension of HIM!!!
May He pour out His Choicest Blessings upon EACH of YOU!!! We have FELT HIS LOVE through YOUR Hands & Hearts! & have seen glimpses of Heaven through it ALL!!!
Our hearts are SO FULL!!! We invite you ALL to join us in expressing deepest gratitude for His showing forth His Mighty Arm in Callie's life & progress in it!!!


Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Callie's Exasperation!

Today Callie got her first bath that was not a sponge bath! After Callie's bath, I went to get a quick shower & then off we went to Therapy. I noticed throughout the day, that Callie kept throwing her left leg all over the place, I couldn't quite figure out why she kept doing that until I took her pants off to change her diaper & realized that she had two new bands on her ankle while I was showering. I had to chuckle! She is bound & determined to get them off. In a 30 minute period of time this evening, she kicked her left boot off 4 times!!! Silly baby!

They say it is good sign when there are things that bother her! It is another step in her progress. I look back at the top picture that was taken 6 days ago! So much better!

Today she looks like she's gained weight. I was worried a few days ago that she was getting a little thin, but she's already filled out. It is looking like her sodium level is getting balanced out.

There are a few pictures from therapy. The last two are from speech therapy. They put a cold lemon flavored swab in her mouth. She really does like it despite what the sour face tells. The last picture shows her chewing on it and swallowing!

Another good day down! LOL & Gratitude, Dana, Callie & family

Just a little note, while I was typing up this post, the night nurse cut off the bands & put new ones on a notch looser! I think she got tired of finding her boot off every time she came in as it had become a full time job!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Callie's Big Day!

Today was Callie's first full day in Rehab. We thought that her first session started at 9:00am & were preparing for that, but at 8:30 we found out that she would actually have her first session right then, so we threw on a robe, pull her hair back & off we went.

She began with Physical Therapy. She did so much better today than yesterday. I asked the therapist if it was just my imagination or if she was really holding herself much better?! She said that she was holding her trunk & her head much better. The first picture is from her first session.
Next was Speech Therapy. They also work on teaching Callie to chew, bite & swallow to prepare her to begin eating again. The sour face in the second picture is Callie's first response to a cold lemon flavored fat swab, which after the initial cold & sour effect, she chewed & chewed & swallowed alot during. In her afternoon speech therapy she got to crunch & chew goldfish crackers through a piece of guaze. She had a look like she didn't understand why nothing went down when she swallowed during that. (they aren't ready to have her swallow something that solid yet)
Her team is AMAZING! We are so thankful for their skills to take care of her & to teach her. They all take GREAT care in what they do!
After P.T. & S.T. she had Music therapy. She was so tired & the music so soothing she just fell fast asleep. The third picture is her chillin during music therapy. (oops! I forgot to turn it!)
Oh, I almost forgot, we had suprise visitors today. Just as we walked out into the hall from Callie's last therapy of the day, we looked up the hall & there was Justin, Kimberly & Jory. It was such a nice surprise. (also, Dad got to spend the day with us! It was almost as cute to watch him watch Callie as it is to watch Callie!) I added the picture of Justin holding Callie last of all, which put it first, so it will bump down the order of all the others! You'll get it, even if I'm not being very clear. Not only is Callie pooped, but so is Mom. (I'm drowsing off as I type!)
Again & Always, Thanks & Gratitude for Your Loving Support!
Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family

Monday, September 22, 2008

BIG Move!

Today Callie was released from PICU & moved to Rehab, also in the hospital. I have shown pictures of her in a chair we can take her for walks around the hospital (Big Yawn!) & also pictures from her afternoon physical therapy. Her sodium level is not quite balanced out. We hope they will be able to manage it soon!
LOL Dana & Callie :)

Kisses for Callie

Ashley is hosting a raffle on her blog today through Wednesday for Callie. There have been many cute things donated. If you would like to check it out you can CLICK HERE.

For any of you who aren't sure. . .

crashed out Cal

Just in case any of you aren't aware of what happened to Callie, two Mondays ago, she was out in the front yard playing with our youngest girls Emma (10), Haley(8), Hayden (6) & Brinley (4). We were just about to leave to take them to school, but decided to wait on a friend that was bringing something by.
I was inside & Emma brought in the papers the friend had brought. I got up & headed to the door & in ran Emma again with Hayden, they were both very excited & told me to come quick. . .Callie. They couldn't tell me what & they went out as fast as they came in, when I got to the door & opened it, right before me was the friend holding Callie. I instinctively took her & tried to call 911 but my fingers couldn't find the #'s. My girls including our eighteen year old Amber now. They were all very distraught as was our friend, I think Amber took the phone & was able to make the call. I went out to the bench on the front porch to wait for the ambulance, praying she would last till they got there. As I pulled her close, she began to breathe, as hard as it was, but she was breathing even breaths, & she did as most of you know.
When she reached Phoenix Children's Hospital, they soon discovered that she had a blood clot in the front left side of her brain, so Pediatric Neuro Surgeon Dr. Moss, performed the surgery. He took as little hair as possible & saved it for us. It took 42-44 staples for closure. Also, they left a piece of bone floating to allow for swelling & also inserted a drain & an (Intra Cranial Pressure) monitor, to allow extra fluid to drain & keep tabs on the swelling.
She has had her ups (mostly) & downs. She will hopefully be moved over to Pediatric Rehabilitation by the end of this week. The only thing she can still have to move over to Rehab, is her feed tube & established meds. So they will have to have her sodium & fluids regulated first.
She will still be receiving Music, Physical & Speech Therapy through the week. The speech therapist also teaches swallowing. We also look forward to the eye Dr.'s visit this week.
Lots of Love to you ALL & Thank You for Your Tender Care ~ Dana & Callie
Sodium is down for any of you wondering. Hopefully the new dose she's on will keep it in check. Also, the night nurse was able to help her out a little with what has been blocking her nasal passage (you guessed it, a booger!) Hopefully Respiratory can come in the am & get a little more.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moving day already!

We had an idea we would be moving to Rehab sometime this week, but we had no idea we would be moving today. There were so few patients in the F pod where Callie was, that they moved us into another pod, so for any visitors that come before Callie gets moved to Rehab, we can be found in room 4 of D pod! We were able to keep things pretty low key while the kids visited today.
Callie's sodium level has caused a little concern, but we hope to see it down by morning. It seems that her pituitary gland has kicked into working, but not entirely, so they are trying a different medication to help things work properly. Hopefully they find that balance soon! For those of you that saw her today, it seems that she's finally found peace with what had her nostril plugged up! She resting peaceful.
Tomorrow we expect visits from Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, the Director of Rehab & possibly the Opthamalogist. Big day! Last night I got to sleep by her & I may also tonight. We'll see, her temp just did get balanced out in the last hour! Dad had to leave tonight to go to work. We don't like to have him go, but he should be back tomorrow night.
It was great to see all the kids! We missed Jamison's family & Micah. Jamison is sick & Micah had to work. We hope Jamison recuperates quickly & hope we are able to see Micah soon. There's is a cute little nurse his age that helped care for Callie in ER that stops in every once in awhile to check on Callie & we think she hopes to see Micah here sometime. Well, I may go on forever, so I'll wrap it up. Jeff & I wish we would have got a picture of the "wagon" train we had moving from one room to another. Here are some pictures of our well decorated room we had to leave tonight.
Love & Gratitude to ALL!!!
I threw in one more picture Dad took after we got settled in our new room, just before he left & Callie laid down for the night.