Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Friends!

This is the first weekend that the kids haven't been able to come down to see Callie! We really miss seeing them & look forward to seeing them soon.
Callie gets a rest from all her therapy on the weekend, so we ventured out to find a little girl we met last week. She is such a sweetie!
Callie is getting alot better at sitting, then she can sit & play with her friend in the playroom. Her Mom sent us these pictures of her.
They are praying for Callie as we are also praying for her.

We got to play for awhile this evening! It helps to fill the void of not having the kids here this weekend!

Love to All & Gratitude for EVERYTHING!!!

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  1. I remember her. We met her and her grandpa in the waiting room. She's 4 yrs old,right? They both seemed so sweet. I'm glad you and Callie have made some more friends there. What is everyone there going to do when you guys leave?!!!


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