Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Callie's Big Day!

Today was Callie's first full day in Rehab. We thought that her first session started at 9:00am & were preparing for that, but at 8:30 we found out that she would actually have her first session right then, so we threw on a robe, pull her hair back & off we went.

She began with Physical Therapy. She did so much better today than yesterday. I asked the therapist if it was just my imagination or if she was really holding herself much better?! She said that she was holding her trunk & her head much better. The first picture is from her first session.
Next was Speech Therapy. They also work on teaching Callie to chew, bite & swallow to prepare her to begin eating again. The sour face in the second picture is Callie's first response to a cold lemon flavored fat swab, which after the initial cold & sour effect, she chewed & chewed & swallowed alot during. In her afternoon speech therapy she got to crunch & chew goldfish crackers through a piece of guaze. She had a look like she didn't understand why nothing went down when she swallowed during that. (they aren't ready to have her swallow something that solid yet)
Her team is AMAZING! We are so thankful for their skills to take care of her & to teach her. They all take GREAT care in what they do!
After P.T. & S.T. she had Music therapy. She was so tired & the music so soothing she just fell fast asleep. The third picture is her chillin during music therapy. (oops! I forgot to turn it!)
Oh, I almost forgot, we had suprise visitors today. Just as we walked out into the hall from Callie's last therapy of the day, we looked up the hall & there was Justin, Kimberly & Jory. It was such a nice surprise. (also, Dad got to spend the day with us! It was almost as cute to watch him watch Callie as it is to watch Callie!) I added the picture of Justin holding Callie last of all, which put it first, so it will bump down the order of all the others! You'll get it, even if I'm not being very clear. Not only is Callie pooped, but so is Mom. (I'm drowsing off as I type!)
Again & Always, Thanks & Gratitude for Your Loving Support!
Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family


  1. LOVE the picture of Justin and Callie. So is she still in a coma and doing all of this? She looks so AMAZIING in all of these I can't believe it. It makes me cry everytime I read your blog I am just so happy with all of her progress! We all are getting some kind of cold over here and don't want to pass it on, so as soon as we are all better we'll bring something over to you all:)!

  2. Every morning I see the amazing progress that Callie is experienceing. Her face wounds are all healed and her body looks so much more centered! She is so beautiful! I went thru' 8 months of a coma with one of my daughter's boyfriends and learned so much about comas...the one thing you learn is that doctors just can't predict...the brain is such a complex mechinism.(sp?)
    I will call you later, Dana. I'm always so afraid I'm going to be interrupting therapy or doctors' visits or family time. But I check in on the blogs first thing every morning. I love you guys and am praying for you a lot. I know your positive attitude is really helping the healing process. Keep the faith.

  3. Hi, we don't know each other, but I found out about your story via a sister in my Ward (Sandi N.) and also through my son who goes to school with Callie's...cousin, or sister??

    Anyway, our family is praying for you and Callie, and know that miracles will continue.

    love from sandi m.

  4. Hi Mom! If you talk to Fauna will you tell her I would like to look at her blog but need an invite since she is private. She's left some comments for me but I can't respond.
    I love you guys and hope Callie is having a good time in all her therapy sessions! I can't wait to see you guys on Friday!
    Love you lots! Ash

  5. Hey Dana!!
    What a cute BIG brother!! He looks so loving caring and concerned while he looks at her! How sweet is that? It is amazing how good Callie looks~unbeleivable!! What a miracle! I think about you guys throughout the days, Im so happy things are progressing like they are! What a total miracle!!! I too would lov to call you again but dont want to bother you so just call us if you need anything and we will keep checking in on baby CAllies amazing progress!! Keep your chin up!!! ( like I KNOW you are!)~YOu guys are awesome!!
    We love you tons!~
    Wendy and Curtis


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