Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moving day already!

We had an idea we would be moving to Rehab sometime this week, but we had no idea we would be moving today. There were so few patients in the F pod where Callie was, that they moved us into another pod, so for any visitors that come before Callie gets moved to Rehab, we can be found in room 4 of D pod! We were able to keep things pretty low key while the kids visited today.
Callie's sodium level has caused a little concern, but we hope to see it down by morning. It seems that her pituitary gland has kicked into working, but not entirely, so they are trying a different medication to help things work properly. Hopefully they find that balance soon! For those of you that saw her today, it seems that she's finally found peace with what had her nostril plugged up! She resting peaceful.
Tomorrow we expect visits from Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, the Director of Rehab & possibly the Opthamalogist. Big day! Last night I got to sleep by her & I may also tonight. We'll see, her temp just did get balanced out in the last hour! Dad had to leave tonight to go to work. We don't like to have him go, but he should be back tomorrow night.
It was great to see all the kids! We missed Jamison's family & Micah. Jamison is sick & Micah had to work. We hope Jamison recuperates quickly & hope we are able to see Micah soon. There's is a cute little nurse his age that helped care for Callie in ER that stops in every once in awhile to check on Callie & we think she hopes to see Micah here sometime. Well, I may go on forever, so I'll wrap it up. Jeff & I wish we would have got a picture of the "wagon" train we had moving from one room to another. Here are some pictures of our well decorated room we had to leave tonight.
Love & Gratitude to ALL!!!
I threw in one more picture Dad took after we got settled in our new room, just before he left & Callie laid down for the night.

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  1. Dana, I'm so glad I could stop by and see you and Callie. I'm so thankful she's recovering as well as she is and wish you guys all the best! Love, Jill


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