Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crashed out in Callie-Style!

Callie has been so determined today & has worked so hard! She's getting a much deserved nap! As most of you have heard, YES! It is TRUE!!! Callie has opened her eyes ( mostly her right) a little more than a slit about 6 times so far & has tried more!
In therapy she tried to push up, tried to roll over, held open her left eye for a few seconds after they opened it for her. She has been holding up her head kind of like when a new baby is beginning to hold their head a little bobbly! (second picture, I'm holding around her middle)
In speech therapy she chewed & swallowed ICE! She also found her nose with her left hand & focused with all her might to try to pick her nose! (Yes, you guessed it! She is still working at that booger)
So many things she has done today & it isn't even noon yet. She still has 1 more physical therapy session & 1 speech therapy session this afternoon!
She is such an AMAZING little human being!
We are SO VERY GRATEFUL to you ALL for helping us call down these miracles from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob! We have been & continue to be SO blessed.
God has poured out His Choice Blessings upon us through ALL of YOU, an extension of HIM!!!
May He pour out His Choicest Blessings upon EACH of YOU!!! We have FELT HIS LOVE through YOUR Hands & Hearts! & have seen glimpses of Heaven through it ALL!!!
Our hearts are SO FULL!!! We invite you ALL to join us in expressing deepest gratitude for His showing forth His Mighty Arm in Callie's life & progress in it!!!


Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family


  1. SHE OPENED HER EYES????? WOO HOO!!! YEAH CALLIE!!! Dana that is GREAT news!!! What a cutie!!! She is totally coming back isnt she??? What a TOTAL MIRACLE!!! AMAZING!!!~man she is going to be back to her old self before we all know it!! Im sooooooo excited! THanks for making our day over here at the McCullough house!!!

    Love ya tons!! You are an AWESOME Mom! Callie and the other kids are soooo blessed to have you to call their MOTHER!


  2. Gooo Callie! I'm so excited for you guys what a blessing. Everyday just keeps looking up!


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