Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day of Week 4!

Today was a very busy day! They had a 'bed bug' outbreak in one of the rooms in the Rehab section, so as a precationary measure, they had all the rooms fumegated & disinfected. Once they had a room ready for us, they had us shower & put on hospital gowns. All our clothes & Callie's toys had to be bagged up & sent out to get cleaned before they can come back in. Donna Stock came at shower time & helped out with that & then helped us relocate to the room next door. Kelli (picture #3) came next & brought us some fabulous food & took our bags to clean. I have several pictures to post tonight! I just feel that they will be able to show Callie's progress today better than I can tell it. The first picture from 5am. I woke up & wanted to shift positions, so I reached under her to scoot her over (she nuzzles up close when I sleep with her) & found that she was wet with something thickish. I got everything I needed to change her diaper & bed, opened the bathroom door for enough light to see, but not wake our roomate. The first picture is what I saw! NO feed tube in the nose!!! Silly baby! It was no accident either. She had tried to pull it out all day yesterday & the night nurses said that every time they came in, they had to untangle the tube from her arm. The next picture is from yesterday when the Aunties were getting her to open her eyes! You can see her 'wide open slit' (as Daddy calls it). It made a difference, because she has had her eyes open to a slit (mainly the right eye) for at least half of her awake time! Good work Nana & Aunties! Then there are a few pictures from Speech therapy, where she is waving around a little elephant that vibrates to tickle her face. (am therapy~before shower & move) Then pictures of her squirming all over as she receives electro-stimulation to her left cheek. (afternoon therapy~post shower, notice the outfit change! & cute red bows thanks to Big Sister Ashley!) The last series of pictures are this evening after she pulled out her feed tube once again. I was out of the room heating up my dinner for no more than 5 minutes & she got it all the way out. I didn't mention that she got it half way out during speech today, which makes 3 times in a 12-14 hour period! The night nurse had me put it back in last night, so tonight it was no problem for me to get it back in, with nurse standing by to make sure I got it right! Anyway, back to the last pictures. The kids gave her this crazy duck ball, which she played with for nearly 30 minutes, which is quite a long time for 'Sleeping Beauty' to do any one thing. Notice the different positions of movement. She did this all by herself & the pictures span just a couple of minutes!
Oh! I forgot! During story time with one of the therapists, where she was REALLY feeling all the different textures of animals fur, she reached right up took her hair bow in hand & slid it right OUT!!! (the first time ever I wasn't disappointed when one of my girls took out their hair!)
I hope the pictures help you catch the excitement of her progress!
Thank you for all of your prayers & faith! For all the kindnesses & for caring about Callie & BELIEVING!!! All Our Love & Gratitude, Jeff, Dana, Callie & Family


  1. I love the picture stories and the nickname "sleeping beauty" fitting! You are amazing Dana to be able to stay so occupied with your little one and still have time to update everyone on her progress. I can't get enough of reading about her:0)! We love you guys!

  2. Go Callie go!! We are rooting for you out here in Vegas. We love you guys. Keep up the good work, Callie!

    Auntie Faun

  3. Mom I didn't have time to read all of it (I'm about to get booted off the computer) but the pictures are so cute! I love the ones with that goofy ball! Can't wait to see lady Cal!
    Love you guys!

  4. Dana, I get up each morning checking on Callie's progress, thank you so much for being able to find the time to do this, it really helps with getting the correct story. I continue to pray for Callie's recovery and that you will have the added strenght. The pictures are so sweet, what an amazing little girl, and Mom
    Love Gay

  5. Dear Dana,

    thanks for all the updates and pictures of Miss Callie Jayne. I can just see her in action with that ball and pulling out that obnoxious feeding tube. It's a highlight in my day to read about Callie and her progress. I love you. I'm inspired by your strength and focus.

    With love from ~Tera

  6. Dana & Callie
    You both seem to be in good spirits despite the comings and goings. Keep strong in your faith and feel his comfort .You are in our daily prayers . Callie seems to be doing remarkably well . great job Dana and Callie

    Love the Reidhead's


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