Monday, September 22, 2008

For any of you who aren't sure. . .

crashed out Cal

Just in case any of you aren't aware of what happened to Callie, two Mondays ago, she was out in the front yard playing with our youngest girls Emma (10), Haley(8), Hayden (6) & Brinley (4). We were just about to leave to take them to school, but decided to wait on a friend that was bringing something by.
I was inside & Emma brought in the papers the friend had brought. I got up & headed to the door & in ran Emma again with Hayden, they were both very excited & told me to come quick. . .Callie. They couldn't tell me what & they went out as fast as they came in, when I got to the door & opened it, right before me was the friend holding Callie. I instinctively took her & tried to call 911 but my fingers couldn't find the #'s. My girls including our eighteen year old Amber now. They were all very distraught as was our friend, I think Amber took the phone & was able to make the call. I went out to the bench on the front porch to wait for the ambulance, praying she would last till they got there. As I pulled her close, she began to breathe, as hard as it was, but she was breathing even breaths, & she did as most of you know.
When she reached Phoenix Children's Hospital, they soon discovered that she had a blood clot in the front left side of her brain, so Pediatric Neuro Surgeon Dr. Moss, performed the surgery. He took as little hair as possible & saved it for us. It took 42-44 staples for closure. Also, they left a piece of bone floating to allow for swelling & also inserted a drain & an (Intra Cranial Pressure) monitor, to allow extra fluid to drain & keep tabs on the swelling.
She has had her ups (mostly) & downs. She will hopefully be moved over to Pediatric Rehabilitation by the end of this week. The only thing she can still have to move over to Rehab, is her feed tube & established meds. So they will have to have her sodium & fluids regulated first.
She will still be receiving Music, Physical & Speech Therapy through the week. The speech therapist also teaches swallowing. We also look forward to the eye Dr.'s visit this week.
Lots of Love to you ALL & Thank You for Your Tender Care ~ Dana & Callie

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  1. We LOVE you!!!!! You are all constantly in our prayers and thoughts.


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