Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Visitors Starting Early!

This morning kicked off Callie's weekend visitors! Matt & Ashley brought the little men for a visit before Callie's therapy. It was so good to see them. Callie even had a bed buddy for a little while.
Then we got a visit from one of the ER nurses that took care of Callie when she first came, just before her surgery. She comes by every couple of days to check on Callie & gets teary to see how much better Callie is doing each time. She has a little boy Griffin that prays for Callie every day. There are so many praying for Callie everywhere, in fact, we got a new roomate last night. The Mom of the little girl overheard me talking this morning & asked me if I have a sister named Mandi. Anyway, she is my sisters neighbor, Mandi had told her about Callie & they had been praying for her. So interesting that we ended up roomates. One of the pictures is Maile by Callie's bed (where Callie is sleeping in her favorite fashion, hanging out!)
Several weeks ago, Nana had planned a weekend for all of us girls to get together, so we have Nana & some of the Aunties for the weekend! YeAH! Also, the kids & Dad are on their way!
Tons of fun!

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