Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

It has been 11 days since the day Callie & I reached Phoenix Children's Hospital. Words cannot begin to express the humility & gratitude for every single prayer uttered or unspoken, every service big or small, all the love & concern shared for Callie & our family at this trying time. Thank you all SO VERY MUCH

We are so grateful for the medical attention that Callie has received & will continue to. In the last few days she has been seen by a Music Therapist, a Physical Therapist, an Opthamologist, a Plastice Surgeon, an Endocrine Specialist, an Infiectious Disease Specialist & all of her regular team. The first time the musice therapist came, I had tears coming down watching her respond & just happened to look over my shoulder & see her team including the Neuro Surgeon standing outside the glass door, beaming from ear to ear! It was a very sweet moment, but not to top the moment they put her in my arms & as I was able to hold her for hours as she adjusted to being taken off the ventilator. We have & are witnessing miracles. Jamison's wife Monica said it well, Callie is an amazing little girl!
We are so blessed she chose us to share her experience of life with!!!
Thanks again to EVERYONE for your continued love & support for us at this time! We love you ALL!!! "God bless us all, Everyone!"


  1. This is Nana, we are here at the hospital (the Aunties Jona, Kara and myself), and oh how beautiful our sweet little Angel looks!! Doctor came in and said take these out, referring to the staples across the top of her head, take the bandage off and take out the ICP monitor (in her brain). Hooray!! He added, send Mom to dinner and take them out fast before she returns. Mom is holding her now after hours in Dad's lap! She yawns and makes cute little sounds, and sounds when you talk to her!! How blessed we are to have our little Callie with us!!

  2. Dana, that is so wonderful all the progress she is making. Once again it brought tears to my own eyes. If you take off all the equipement and scratches on her face it would look like she is just napping! Thanks for sharing the updates and I know I keep saying it, but if you need anything at ALL, call me (480)695-0090! We love you all! ~Jolyn

  3. It's all I can do not to just sit and sob at what beautiful miracles are taking place. Those pictures are the sweetest I have ever seen and those little pink ribbons in her hair for some reason just topped everything off. I think that from now on anytime I see a pink ribbon I will always think of little Callie Jayne. I can imagine that there has never been a more precious moment for you than being able to hold that sweet little girl who has been through more than any of us could ever, in our worst nightmares, dream of going through. She is amazing. Thank you for letting me visit the other day. It was sweet just sitting next to that little angel girl. These moments, I think, have changed everyone who knows anything about this situation. I know that through all of this I have become a little bit kinder, and a little bit more tender. She is in our prayers day and night, as are you and your family. We love you Dana!

  4. Oh Dana I can't stop the tears from coming!! I am so happy for you guys and thankful that she is progressing so fast and further then anyone ever imagined she would!! Thank goodness for faith and prayers and the power of MUSIC!!! I LOVE the pictures of you guys~it truly shows the happiness you all are feeling! Callie looks so good, it is unbelievable!! Dana you continue to amaze me as always~you are so beautiful and you just look like you are glowing!!! Im so moved by this whole experience, it has made my testimony in prayer grow even more!!!

    I love you guys and wish I could come and hug you and celebrate with you BIGTIME!!!

    Keep up all the good work~Im sure you guys have been great examples to EVERYONE in that hospital, just being yourselves!!!!
    Stay Strong!
    Love you tons!!! Know we are all here cheering that sweet baby on!!!
    XOXOXOXOXO!!!call if you need us!~536-3636

  5. She is so sweet, I just wish I could be there to bask in her angelic spirit. I so look forward to the day she returns to our mountain home.

  6. What a blessing to be able to hold your little angel!!! You are in our prayers daily.

  7. Dana, looks like you're up way too late like me! I saw the time of your last comment! Callie looks beautiful! I am amazed by her. I think she was sent to us to show us what tough looks like. What a girl! I am just anxious beyond description to see her next week. I bug poor Moma all the time for updates when they don't come quick enough for me on the blog! I will be there Wednesday evening and will come straight to the hospital to see you and Callie! I'm so excited! I love you all- Faun


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