Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Zoo!

We had alot of fun at the Zoo! (Thank you Ronald McDonald House!) Two little sisters loved seeing all the animals. We had taken Callie to see Madagascar 2 the first night out of the hospital, which she loved! Then we took the whole family on a day the kids had no school. Dad would remind the girls of the animals in the movie & they would laugh!
In the giraffe picture you can see that she is trying to turn back to see the giraffes as I'm taking the picture. In the picture on Dad's shoulders you can see that Callie is saying "shoe" as she is throwing it! (the zebras are hanging out in the shade)

We also made a few visits while we were down. We went to see our little friend, only to find out that she had gone back to the hospital in the middle of the night, because she was burning up with fever. They hope it is just the same bug that has been through their house & that she will be able to be home for Thanksgiving! That is our prayer for them! She has a name & knowing it will endear you to her even more! Her name is Blaise. Her nickname is Blaisey! We love you so much Blaisey!!! We were so sad to miss you & pray for you to come home soon! ( I attatched a picture her Mom took on the day she came out of the hospital last)

Some other visits we made, were to Great-Grandma Mac (who declined a picture because she didn't think she looked good enough, despite our disagreeing~we love you GREAT!~Grandma-Brin couldn't wait to see you!). Because she is staying with U. Randy & A. Sally, we were also able to see some of their family, which was nice although our visit was breif!

We took Callie to see cousin Erika. She was out cold (tired from the zoo) but woke up with lots of kisses for Erika! We also saw A. Karla, U. Brian & most of their family.

Last of all we attended a suprise 40th birthday for cousin Kennedy (sorry to tell the whole free world your age Ken!). It was GREAT to see everyone (not in the hospital~Very nice party Russ & Ken's sisters(inlaw) & Aunt Margaret)!!! FAMILY is the BEST!!! Callie had so much fun being doted on by all the "Aunties"!!! Kennedy, Jona, Kelli, Kimmie, Karri, Kirstie (my Aunts) Margaret & Helen & more! Oh, not to leave out Big Brother Justin & his wife Alisha & all the other men folk, including the Ikenberry's & Mike (Chrissy's hubby). She also loved playing with my cousins twin girls & was actually very tender with them (except for stealing the ball away from them). It is nice to see that she is re-learning "appropriate" social skills.

We are looking forward to seeing our Las Vegas Aunties & more cousins etc. this week! We have SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to be Thankful for!!! We have been so blessed & pray that you ALL will as well at this Beautiful time of year!

May you All have a Bounteous Thanksgiving Day & may it continue through the Holidays & the coming year!

With Much Love & Gratitude

~The Butler's

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