Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The word is in, And we are OUT!

Brace yourselves...the long awaited day has come! Today Callie's doctors let my parents know that she will be set to go home on Friday! {Ashley is posting right now as the parents are headed up the mountain to vote. Such devoted Americans!}
When the kids were here last weekend, their parting note with Callie was "Now you come see us next time!" And of course she smiled as if to say, "You betch'ya." She is making good on that smile and we are all so thrilled! My Mom shared with me some of her emotions and I thought I would share.

She said that it sweet news that they will get to come home, but that there are many people that she will miss dearly from the hospital, some of whom they may never see again. They will surely be missed. But the Sweet is OH SO SWEET and we will gladly have it!

She also expressed gratitude to my sister Amber, who spent many of her weekends "being an 18 year old single mother of 7" {in my mom's words} and driving all the kids down so they could visit. Her willingness to do that means so much to my parents and to Callie of course who loves to see her family! {And their visits were made so much nicer thanks to the kindness of Becki and Dany in giving them access to their beautiful home in Mesa. THANK YOU!}

Also thank you to Aunt Mary who took over that responsibility this weekend since Amber had to work. She brought them all down and was able to celebrate my Dad's 47th Birthday with him! She also stayed by with the kids while my parents enjoyed a Suns Basketball game together for his birthday! It was a very nice weekend thanks to Aunt Mary!

And for all those who have shown kindnesses to our family, thank you! There has been no small deed, everything has been so HUGELY appreciated!

I am sure I have missed things but I am sure she will do a more thorough job when she is able. Just thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! May you be blessed, as you have blessed us.

And now for some pictures:
Sweet birthday loves for Daddy!

Enjoying a little basketball. I heard the entire starting lineup got on the mic and sang Happy Birthday! yeah right...well it might have been cool!

Sleepy girl with her sleepy brothers, Burke and Marcus. {Marcus is in there, just kind of hard to see.}

Little Miss California worn out from all her fun visitors. I'm pretty sure she is dreaming of home and her swing set!


  1. Hooray!! That is such exciting news!!!!!

  2. Yay!!! I am so excited! I get to see little Callie when I go up for Thanksgiving! What a sweet picture of Jeff and his baby girl. That face screams " I love my Daddy!" And Dana, you and Jeff are such a fine lookin couple. Who would ever know sitting next to you two at the game you have 13 kids, and even grandkids to boot! You guys look so young! What a hot couple!!

  3. YAY for you guys!! I am so happy for you that you finally get to take your sweet girl home, but I will definitely miss you guys so much!! I am so glad that I work on Friday and that I get to see her one last time before you guys go home!! See you Friday!


  5. I am so happy for you that you get to take your baby girl home!!! I love the picture of her hugging her Daddy. Callie just keeps getting better all the time and is an inspiration to all of us! What a testimonial of our Heavenly Father's love!

  6. What a Mighty God we serve! I am so glad that He has bestowed such a wonderful blessing on you. Keep believing!


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