Friday, January 2, 2009

This is for our Butler Family!

Yesterday was our "Butler Family" Christmas Party! Yes, you heard me right "Christmas". It seems strange I know, seeing that Christmas was last year & won't be around again for 11 months & 23 more days, but this is the way we've done it for years & it seems to work, so I think we'll stick with it.

Anyway, we had our gift exchange. Most everyone was able to come. It was great to see everyone & have fun with them. Jeff's brother Darryl & his family were the only ones not able to make it of the brothers & sisters. They live in far away Missouri. We miss them & hope to be able to see them before the year is over. I was able to see them this summer on one of my trips to St. Louis. Now they have a blog, so it will make it alot easier to keep up on each others family. Others not able to attend, were Karla's son Josh, our two oldest Justin & his family, Ashley & her family and our #4 Micah for various valid reasons. They all wish that they were able to be there!

So, back to the gift exchange. . . of everyone present, because our gift were on it's way in the mail, we didn't have a gift to open with everyone else. To keep anyone from feeling sorry for us or for themselves, I pointed out that we have already received the Greatest gift already, referring to Callie who just happened to be in the middle of our little assembly dancing. It seemed to me that everything stopped with a hush, all eyes were on her with each reflecting on the events that have transpired over the last few months to bring her to the "present" moment. It lingered for a few moments & we were on to the next gift opening.

We had a lovely time, beginning with good food, plenty of Basketball, Catch Phrase, DDR, a little Guitar Hero & to appease the younger crowd, a good round of "Do you like your neighbor". It all went so fast, even though it nearly ran into the next day! Some are safely home, while many are lingering a little longer & hopefully we will be able to get all together again & enjoy a little more of the above.

These are the moments that seem to give to life it's meaning! May each of you & all of us have many more opportunities in the coming year to make all your own & may we each learn to delight in moments like these & hold them dear!

As for the lovely picture, this morning the UPS man delivered packages at our door! This is the part for the family, they wanted to see what we had received! The beautiful boxes were & partially still are, filled with mouth watering chocolates, cherries & "Moose Munch" (which is very lightly crisp carmel popcorn with cashews & almonds with a random coating of chocolate. Yum!), as well as the "lovely" pears!! Thank you very much Darryl, Tamera & family, we love you, miss you & hope that your Christmas was Joyous!

All Our Love,

Jeff, Dana &

the many Butler children


  1. I was so bummed to have missed it! I guess I started the new year off with a bang huh! Well save a pear for me, those are delicious! ;)

  2. Wow, I hope there's still soem there when we arrive for dinner tonight! Glad you got your gift so soon after the party! Love ya'll!



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