Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BIG First!

For the FIRST time since Callie's accident (while concious) she got her eye ointment in without a peep or even a slight amount of resistance!!! There have been weeks of 24x's in a 24 hr period. We're now down to 12 per 24. So it's a pretty big deal that she finally let us without a fight!
The picture was taken right after, with her playing what else, but peek-a-boo! Too much light I know. I tried but I decided she just glows!
Love to ALL!


  1. Hey Guys, That is AWESOME!!!! What a great pic, she looks to be happy in it, great things to come, and these little steps of simple things can bring rapture to us all. Heck I still can't put drops in my own eye, Tam usually has to do a "Dad with Brylcreem" thingy, Jeff knows what I mean, to get it in there. I definately feel for her......We still pray for her and your family for great rewards for what you have indured, God indeed loves her.....Her aura seems like a beacon for hope
    Luv Ya, DWB

  2. woo hoo california! that is very exciting!

  3. So glad to see Cali's progress!! We still are praying for her and your family! I love your new header! To cute.
    :) Bryanna


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