Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sharing a Tender Moment. . .

Wow! I just looked through pictures of Callie. . . I don't even know how to put into words the range of emotions my heart experienced as I did this and all that I can say, is WOW! She has come a LOOOOOOOONG way, even since leaving the hospital. I'll post a few pictures & try to choose ones that you haven't already seen. Sorry I didn't get the order right.
She's asleep on my shoulder right now or I'd take one of her today. Hopefully we can get up a really good birthday blog!!
Have a restful & peaceful Sabbath!!!
Just a little tidbit for all you Cardinal fans, Jeromehe sp? Urban held Cal at the hospital & wrote down her name so he could add her to his prayer list! So sweet.


  1. She's our miracle girl! I tried to call Friday night but Emma (I think) said you went to see the end of a BB game. I'll try to call you tonight! If not, see you Monday!

  2. What a journey! She is a miracle and you guys are amazing! Sorry that we will not be there to celebrate. Have a Great time! Happy birthday Callie girl. We love you!

  3. Callie's birthday was sooo much fun! Thank you everyone! We'll be putting up some pictures for you to enjoy!
    All our Love,
    Callie & Family

  4. OH BUMMER!! We planned on coming tomorrow (Tuesday) and it is Monday night (10:10 pm right now) Im just checking your blog and I think when you said you would be doing it tomorrow instead, that must have been TONIGHT!! What a BUMMER! The kids will be so sad~oh well I hope she had a GREAT bday!! Hopefully we can visit soon!

    Love ya!


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