Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tomorrow is Surgery Day!

It has come time for Callie's surgery. It is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It has been difficult to decide whether or not to postpone it, but when I talked to the Dr.'s office & found out that the soonest that they could get her in would be Dec. 31, I have decided to go ahead with the original date. The next time most of you see Callie (within the next couple of weeks) her eyes will be "shockingly open". Also, it will make the damage to her left cornea visible. I don't know what the precedence is, but it is my prayer that this will heal without requiring further surgery. I hope having both eyes open will help with her balance & being able to get around, as well as the many other ways we generally take for granted, being able to see out of more than one eye half-way open! I thank you all for your continued prayer on our families behalf & ask that you would include my Dad's wife & all those affected by his passing. I'm so grateful that he lived this long! I'm so gI cannot begin to express the significant impact that this man has had on my life, but to attempt, I will leave with a verse to a song that begins to. . .

Ordinary Man
An ordinary man, he says he's nothing more than just an ordinary man,
And you might think you'd believe him though I'll never understand,
how love can flow so gentle from an ordinary man.
There's magic in his touch, when I'm sick or broken hearted,
there is magic in his touch, of his hand upon my head
& when I hear his soft command,
I know that I have felt that special magic in his hands.
If my Father up in Heaven is anything like him
then I would give the world to be with him for all eternity. . .
and tell Him thanks for sending me to just
an Ordinary Man.


  1. I will definitely have Callie in my prayers tomorrow for surgery. Is it at PCH...in or outpatient?? I don't work again till Saturday so if it is impatient at PCH you will probably be home by then. If it is impatient I would LOVE to stop by and visit tomorrow afternoon when I get out of class. Can you email me at melissainaz83@gmail.com and let me know?

  2. I'm sorry about your dad. I've never met a more positive and loving family as yours!I hope callies surgery goes well! I love you guys! your in our thoughts and prayers!


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