Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm feeling too sober to express myself right now, so I want to link you over to our oldest daughters blog to read a tribute she made to my father who passed away this morning! My life has been blessed to have him & to have my beautiful daughter who has such a beautiful way of expressing herself!
Love to All


  1. So sad to hear about your dad. You know how much I love him as well. As a kid I always wanted to go with my big sisters to his house because I felt like he looked at me as one of his girls,too. As I said to you today, he was at Dallas' funeral when my own dad didn't care enough to come and I told Trent how much that meant to me. I will se you this weekend for the funeral. Love you-sister Faun

  2. Oh Dana that is so sad! What a hard time for you, you are having things hit all at once! But you are so strong and can get through anything after what you just went through!! Let me know when the funeral is!!! Our prayers continue to be with you and your family!! I wish I would have known him he sounds like an extra special guy!

    Love ya!


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