Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy to Report!

Last night we got back from Callie's last Dr.'s appt for the YEAR! The feeling I had as I walked away from the building was one of immense relief & elation that bought tears to my eyes. The appt was with Callie's opthamologist. He said that the surface of her cornea is looking better. That was very good news! We are now at every 2 hrs. around the clock for Callie's eye ointment & medicine. While it is still a challenge to keep her from putting her fingers in her eye, she had slowed down a bit. She has been getting a cortisone drop 3x a day which I think has helped significantly.
We also were able to have a few sweet visits with our dear GREAT & GRAND-mother "Grandma Mac". If ever there was a model of the perfect Grandma, she would be the best one to look at. The effect she has had on my life is beyond measure. She is slipping slowly from this world to another & will be missed, but will live on in the lives & memories of her family.
We are still working on helping Callie relearn her social skills! She will soon begin having an Early Intervention Specialist come in to help with this, as well as help her with eating & other things. I don't know how I could do it without all the help, especially of my neice Sarah. The help she gives, helps me to keep my sanity.
I have ordered Christmas cards which I hope to receive soon so that I can get them out. We feel so blessed this Christmas season! We thank you all & pray for a most Joyous Christmas to you all!


  1. Dana, that picture is so cute of you!! Thanks for the updates on Callie. Also, I agree with your thoughts on our sweet Grandma. She's the BEST!! ~ Love, J.


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