Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football Season Coming To a Close

Marcus is in the final stages of his senior year football season.
He starts Offensive Tackle. He has done well in his position and has been dubbed "MB Master Blocker". Our family has enjoyed watching him play through his Jr. High & High School years. Callie suprisingly is a MAJOR Cougar fan & steals the show when nearby fans catch her cheering right along with the cheerleaders & yelling out "go Show Low", "go Cougars" and putting her fingers to her mouth as she emits an exceptionally shrill sound that is a nearly perfect imitation of my whistling.
Conference games ended last week and last night was the first and thankfully not their last game in state playoffs. They played against Estrella Foothills and came away with a 34-10 win.
Next week they will be up against Winslow at Campo Verde High School. The game will be at 4pm for anyone interested in going. Playoffs are single elimination, so of course we are hoping to see a win there. The final state playoff game will be the Sat. after Thanksgiving! We hope to see the Cougars there, we shall see! One week at a time.
We also enjoyed watching Burke play this year and look forward to him playing in High School next year. He starts as center and they ended their 8th grade season undefeated. They were also undefeated their 7th grade year also. For those of you familiar with our region, yes, that means that they beat Blue Ridge, something we hope continues throughout their HS years! It is especially fun for me to watch their group. They have played school yard and neighborhood football together all their years, and I have had some of the other boys in cub scouts over the years.
We also enjoy attending concerts for Marcus, Elsie, Burke & Emma. They are all in choir and Burke & Emma play in the band.
Marcus & Elsie got to perform this past week at the State Fair. Fun! Fun!
It brought back the memory of leaving the hospital to go see Marcus perform there last year.
Feast of Carols practice will be starting soon, and we are looking forward to that. They are having a dessert night with much lower price & also have lowered the dinner tickets by $5 per person. Anyone interested in going, let me know. It's fun to go and sit together. We thoroughly enjoy it every year we attend.
May blessings attend you ALL!!!


  1. Dana, (hope I got the right Burke sister's name!) I just gave you an award...go on over to my blog to pick it up. Thanks!

  2. Dana, Hi it's Amber,Baby James was born on the 28th of Oct,You can see pictures of him on our blog.

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