Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Got Dumped On!

Where's the car?
We found it buried!
Marcus & Elsie helped me dig it out!
The pick up?
The pick up!
The neighbor's (Irene's) trees.
It started to snow on Sunday (Feb. 3)
& never quit until late Monday night!The kids went out to shovel snow for people & came home with a wad of cash & a cinnamon roll each!
(well the cinnamon rolls didn't quite make it home! yum yum!)
The had & are still having alot of fun in it! Brinley is trying to show Elsie where she lost her boot! When I got out, I found this Snowman that had been sNoWed on. So funny!


  1. That is quite the snow pile! The snowman and Brinley's boot picture make me laugh!

  2. Yep, the snowed on snowman and the lost boot pictures are so funny!!

  3. YEAH!! I am glad that you have been updating. It's so easy to stay updated with blogging. Bubba lost his boot in all of this snow too:)


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