Friday, August 10, 2007

We are a family of 15 original members and counting. As of the present, we are in number 18 soon to be 20! It all began the 25th of June 1983 when Jeff and I were sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We have 13 children! Popular answers I give, yes all one at a time and same parents for all, 8 VERY attractive boys (really!!!), and 8 of the most beautiful girls I've EVER seen (again not prejudice at all!!!). Two are all married up, Ashley to Matt Broomall with grandson #1 Mr. Gage (VERY attractive & most loved little man on the planet!!!), and Jamison to Monica Broomall (Matt's little sister & only sibling!-wonderful family!) Also very attractive and most beautiful. Justin is getting married up soon to Alisha Tonelli with her 4 month old baby Rhionna. Also most beautiful! The 4 oldest are graduated, the married ones and Micah (19) who will begin college classes this fall (so he can save the world!) Amber-12th (just got 1st job at Arby's) & Marcus-10th (plays football) are at Show Low High School, Elsie-8th at SL Jr. High, Burke-6th & Emma-4th at SL mid school, Haley-2nd & Hayden the big K at SL Primary School. That leaves Brinley-3 and Callie-6 mos. at home with Mom! Yes we're BIG with plenty of love to go around! Yes, life gets crazy, or just stays that way, but that's the way we roll around here!

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  1. Woohoo Dana! How fun that you have a blog! Now I can keep in touch, since the phone thing obviously doesn't work so well for me. It was so fun to see all of you at Justin's wedding. It was definitely a good time. I don't know if you know about my blog, but it's open to everyone so you can take a peak if you ever get a free minute! Love you! Have a great day!


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